Wednesday Wandering – John Bryant State Park

I really enjoy hiking around John Bryant State Park, especially on a crisp fall day.  Close to Yellow Springs, John Bryant State park contains a pretty cool limestone gorge cut by the Little Miami River.  Part of the gorge itself is designated as a national natural landmark.  There are a few covered day-use facilities scattered around the park where you can gather wood and enjoy a picnic by the fire, which is really nice to enjoy after a hike.  There are ten different trails around the park for all hiking levels from beginner to advanced.  There are trails that take you to the top of the Gorge and you get to walk around the rim and there are also trails that take you down along the river.  From these trails you can see the rock climbers that come to the park to scale the gorge.  You can also camp or fish here too.  No matter what time of year you go, John Bryant State Park is a great place to go out and enjoy nature.These pictures are from summertime, as I didn’t get a chance to snap some pictures last week, but it still is very beautiful right now.  Clifton Gorge (3) Clifton Gorge Clifton Gorge (5) Clifton Gorge (4) Clifton Gorge (2)To get more information on the park visit


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